Livermore Quakers Worship Group

**Please note: We are on hiatus from having a weekly Meeting for Worship.**

We're an unprogrammed Quaker worship group in Livermore, CA. We believe that God/the Inner Light/something greater than ourselves connects us and resides inside each of us. We seek to draw near to that connection, both through meditative worship and through living in community with one another.

We meet for unprogrammed worship, which means that we gather together in silence to listen for "the still, small voice of God." We have no pastors or priests, as we believe that anyone (child or adult) may be inspired to share a message with us during worship. Men and women are both called to speak out of the silence. After a message is shared, we resume our quiet worship. Sometimes, no message is shared vocally, but those gathered experience a personal message of discernment during worship.

The intention of our style of worship is not silence, but the quiet waiting for an opening to the divine within ourselves. Vocal messages come out of this stillness to enrich the group worship. Friends distinguish vocal ministry (that which comes from the spirit) from commentary prompted by a personal agenda. A time for reflection between messages allows up to contemplate the spiritual meaning and explore the relation of what is spoken to our own circumstances.

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